About the Artist
I live in Sussex and work from a studio at home.  Although I did a Bachelor of Science degree at University, art has always been a great love in my life.  After my children were born, I attended Life Drawing classes with Artist Babette Adrian in East Grinstead. Wanting to expand my experience, I have also taken classes with the amazing contemporary Artist Emily Ball at Seawhite Studios in Partridge Green.   

Projects in progress
Life - The human figure is amazing. I love it. I can people-watch for hours, often studying an interesting aspect of a face or physique or an unusual combination of shapes. The human form is fascinating in every aspect - energy, strength, movement, flow, shapes, contours, colours, tones, texture, dimensions, proportions - similar, yet so incredibly varied and unique to each. 

Sea - The sea has always been a major source of inspiration. Having explored, photographed and painted some of the Northern California coastline, I am now turning my attention to areas of the English coastline that I love, both in Cornwall and Norfolk. 

Birds - Birds, both real and imaginary are fascinating subjects to paint.  Ostriches are so full of character with the most amazing array of facial features and expressions.

Commissions - As well as drawing and painting what I like, I also accept commissions and will consider and discuss various subjects and opportunities. 

Portraits and Figures. As you can see from the examples of my work on this site, I am equally enthusiastic to produce work in portrait or full form, clothed or nude, and in charcoal, pastels, mixed media or oils. Naturally I love to work from life. To capture the essence of a person, I prefer to observe their energy and movement first hand. Where it is not practical to have the subject model for the entire time, I like to meet and observe them and take my own photographs so that I can recall their special individual energy and presence. I use this approach a lot in my work with children’s portraits.

Children’s Portraits - Children are so full of energy and enthusiasm that it is almost impossible to have them sit for a portrait for any length of time. To capture the look of a child, I first discuss with the parents the angles and expressions that they feel are most characteristic of their child or children.  During this time I observe facial expressions, movements, personality and characteristics.  Then with the assistance of a parent, I take a number of photographs.  The parents select the images they like best, and the portrait is completed working from the chosen photograph or a combination of life and photographs.

Note: Commissioned pictures only appear on the web site in agreement with the owner.